Dramatic landscape in a remote corner of the world

The remote snow capped peaks of Uvs province are the setting for a truly wild and adventurous trek in Western Mongolia, where you will be delighted by the unspoiled beauty of this vast and varied country.

There's no place like Mongolia for magnificent trekking adventures

The views that you may see whilst trekking in Mongolia are beautiful, unusual and probably enjoyed by few other people. We hike in remote parts of the country rarly visited by foreign tourists.

Discover a different world - the natural beauty of Mongolia

High up in the mountains of the Uvs region of Mongolia, lie beautiful freshwater lakes, ancient glaciers and rare plants. Even the local people do not travel here often - only occasionaly in the summer months when moving their location.

Experience traditional Mongolian hospitality

All our guided tours will take you to some of the most remote parts of Mongolia and will give you opportunities to meet the local people and to experience their fascinating nomadic lifestyle.

Hiking adventures in unspoiled countryside

The Altai mountains of Western Mongolia are an excellent place for a hiking adventure tour because the scenery is amazing and the mountains beautiful. We use camels as pack animals to carry the luggage and equipment.

Walking & Trekking tours in Mongolia with Hike Mongolia


The highest mountains are the Altai, Khangai, Khovsgol and Khentii ranges.


Mongolia has 4000 species of plants, of which 150 are found only in Mongolia.


Mongolia has a rich fauna. Most rare species are in the Gobi desert and desert-steppe zone.

Mongolian Culture

Mongolia's nomadic heritage and lifestyle are the strongest influence on its culture.

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Why Choose Us

Standard of service

We apply the highest standards to all aspects of our service. Our office team are happy to advise you, based on their first hand experience. In Mongolia our vehicles, staff and equipment are the best available and will make sure that your trip runs smoothly.

What accommodation?

We use only accommodation that has been tried and enjoyed by our previous guests: nice hotels in the city, authentic traditional ger camps in the countryside, and gorgeous campsites in remote places.

Food, health and safety

We take the utmost care with your health and safety throughout your trip. Professional cooks serve a variety of local and western dishes, and will cater for vegetarian or special diets.

Experienced guides

Our Mongolian guides are enthusiastic about helping you to learn about Mongolia, enjoy yourself, and get the most out of your trekking vacation in Mongolia.

All season equipment

Our equipment is high quality, having been chosen with our experience of Mongolia in mind. Tents are strong and weatherproof with alloy poles and enough space.


Our scheduled trek around Mount Kharkhiraa is classed as moderate, which means it can be enjoyed by anyone who is reasonably fit and takes regular exercise. On tailor-made treks the daily walking distances vary from 15 - 25 km, and may have a support vehicle. The main baggage will be carried by jeep, horse or camel. Altitude is not usually a problem as we are trekking at below 3000 metres. On cultural and overland trips in Mongolia the walking is optional and can be adapted to suit the participants.
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