Dramatic landscape in a remote corner of the world

The remote snow capped peaks of Uvs province are the setting for a truly wild and adventurous trek in Western Mongolia, where you will be delighted by the unspoiled beauty of this vast and varied country.

There's no place like Mongolia for magnificent trekking adventures

The views that you may see whilst trekking in Mongolia are beautiful, unusual and probably enjoyed by few other people. We hike in remote parts of the country rarly visited by foreign tourists.

Discover a different world - the natural beauty of Mongolia

High up in the mountains of the Uvs region of Mongolia, lie beautiful freshwater lakes, ancient glaciers and rare plants. Even the local people do not travel here often - only occasionaly in the summer months when moving their location.

Experience traditional Mongolian hospitality

All our guided tours will take you to some of the most remote parts of Mongolia and will give you opportunities to meet the local people and to experience their fascinating nomadic lifestyle.

Hiking adventures in unspoiled countryside

The Altai mountains of Western Mongolia are an excellent place for a hiking adventure tour because the scenery is amazing and the mountains beautiful. We use camels as pack animals to carry the luggage and equipment.
We have been operating outdoor adventure tours in Mongolia for more than 15 years and have done many different kinds of activity and routes in all corners of the country. We have to deal with different people and their various expectations and requirements, difficult weather conditions and an undeveloped infrastructure, local organisations and companies who do not have the same idea about providing services. We always do our best, though everything is not always smooth and easy. Anyway you can see below what our customers think about us.


"Our tour leaders were helpful, informative, and quite delightful! The entire trip was a marvelous experience, and Mongolia will live on in my mind and heart for ever"
  Jennifer Boot (Scotland, UK)

Cultural Tour

"Thank you for organizing our fantastic holiday We had an amazing time and we are strongly recommending it to all our friends and family. The wild horses and the herder families were the highlights for me. We saw 3 separate groups of wild horses - beautiful "
  Bernard Tapp (Bristol, UK)

Horse Riding

"Accommodation was more luxurious than I had expected. The equipment was good also. The cars and the riding hats etc.. I have recommended you guys to other people"
  Hubert Rolland (Singapore)

Motorcycle Trip

"We were very impressed with the organisation, variety of terrain and scenery, the food - delicious ! We think this just might be the best catered trip we have been on - the support, the bikes and their maintenance and the team in general. We will certainly be telling all our friends about how professional this trip was"
  Huw Williams (Wales)

Overland Trip

"I can still close my eyes and think myself back to our campsite on the edge of the 'White Lake'. The peace and the vastness of the space still amazes me "
  Patricia Bee (Leicester, UK)

Motorbike Tour

"We really enjoyed our time in Mongolia with the off-road experience and closeness to nature. The experience at the family ger was an emotional one. It struck a chord with me, somewhere deep inside. I could see the sense in their simple way of life, which I have not really been able to see in ours in the west"
  Joakim Hansson (Sweden)

Horse Riding

"Many thanks for a great holiday in Mongolia it was amazing ! My dad finally managed to visit the place he had been speaking about for 30 years and it was everything and a lot more he ever imagined it to be, so thanks again for looking after us so well "
  Lisa Brydon (Scotland)

Motorbike Trip (Gobi)

"Just wanted to say thanks again for the trip, very much enjoyed it and think you have a great team set up there who made the trip all the more memorable"
  Jonathan Forman (USA)

Motorbike Trip

"Thanks very much for looking after us and our arrangements in Mongolia. We enjoyed the tour immensely and loved the sites, scenery and sense of solitude this country gives you. It was a lovely adventure, thanks again"
  Clare Elsdon (England)

Train Journey

"I just wanted to say what a great time we had in Mongolia and to thank you for all your efforts in helping make our holiday so much fun. Mongolia really is a very special place"
  Laura Smith (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Cultural Tour

"We wish that we had more time to spend in Mongolia. What a fascinating place. Not only the Naadam Festival in Ulaanbaatar, but the many mini - Naadam Festivals we encountered in the countryside as well as the people and scenery were fantastic"
  Steve Sidebotham (Delaware, USA)

Mountain Bike Trip

"The whole trip combined all my favourite things in a holiday, being outdoors in stunning scenery, fun and challenging cycling, outdoor meals, good company"
  Erica Smith (Bath, UK)

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