Every day is different - and equally amazing

All our guided tours will take you to some of the most remote parts of Mongolia and will give you opportunities to see their fascinating nomadic lifestyle.

Mongolia - an inspiring destination for everyone

You can get a rough idea of where you are coming from and where you are going to by looking at a map of Mongolia, but the maps are small scale and it's better to trust your leader.

There is no better way to discover Mongolia than on own steam

Experience a variety of Mongolia's landscapes including desert, mountain, steppe and forest. Accommodation overnight will in traditional ger camps in the most beautiful locations.

You will be amazed at what you see

The views that you may see whilst trekking in Mongolia are beautiful, unusual and probably enjoyed by few other people. We hike in remote parts of the country rarly visited by foreign tourists.

Our itineraries seek the best locations within Mongolia

The remote snow capped peaks of Khovsgol province are the setting for a truly wild and adventurous trek in Northern Mongolia, where you will be delighted by the unspoiled beauty of this vast and varied country.

Mount Turgen

Western Mongolia "Kharkhiraa Trek"

White Gentian

Yamaatiin Valley, "Kharkhiraa Trek"

Mongolian Kazakhs

Khotgor Village, "Kharkhiraa Trek"

Glacier at Kharkhiraa Pass

Highest Point on "Kharkhiraa Trek"

"Yamaat" Pass

Descent into Yamaatiin Valley, "Kharkhiraa Trek"

Altai and his two camels

Pack Camels on "Kharkhiraa Trek"

'Aaruul' curds drying on ger roof

Arkhangai Province, "Central Mongolia Hiking"

Deglee Tsagaan Mountain

"Kharkhiraa Trek"

Family building their ger

Kharkhiraa Valley, "Kharkhiraa Trek"

Path to Kharkhiraa pass

"Mount Kharkhiraa Trek"

Hiking over 'Yamaat' Pass

"Mount Kharkhiraa Trek"

Wild Camping

Yamaatiin Valley, "Kharkhiraa Trek"

Nomad's ger and herds

Deglee Tsagaan, "Kharkhiraa Trek"

Angelica in 'Yamaat' Valley

"Kharkhiraa Trek"

North Face of Turgen Mountain

"Kharkhiraa Trek"

Pack Camels

Yamaatiin Valley, "Kharkhiraa Trek"

'Mongolian Ger Roof' (from the inside)

Arkhangai province, "Naadam Festival Trek"

Kazakh embroidered wall hanging

Khotgor, "Kharkhiraa Trek"

Camp Side (near Kharkhorum)

"Central Mongolia Trek"

Wild Camping, Kharkhiraa valley

"Mount Kharkhiraa Trek"

Mongolian Girl

Uvs province, Western Mongolia

Path up to Kharkhiraa pass

"Mount Kharkhiraa Trek"

Delphinium Flowers

"Mount Kharkhiraa Trek"

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