Meet all sorts of Mongolian people

The Naadam festival takes place in every city, town and village in Mongolia. It is a wonderful occasion enjoyed by everyone and attended by families coming from remote parts of the country.

You will be amazed at what you see

The horse races are very long - for the older horses up to 28 kilometers. The jockeys are all light young children - incredible riders of course. The owner and trainer of the winning horse is greatly respected and celebrated.

Enjoy Mongolia's Three Manly sports

Traditional Mongolian wrestling is a hugely popular sport. Their are no weight brackets or time limits. If the wrestlers are evenly matched then a wrestling match can go on for hours.

Experience the best of Mongolian culture and a variety of landscapes & activities

At Naadam festival time the local people dress up in their best clothes and go to enjoy the event with horse riding, wrestling and archery competitions.

Come to Mongolia at Naadam time and enjoy with us

Naadam is the best time to come to Mongolia for a cultural tour. It is such fun and so colourful. Most of the people come on horses to enjoy the events which are held over a period of 2 days.

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